Brand Psychology Workshops

Jonathan Gabay workshops


Brand Psychology workshops are the perfect way to ensure your sales, marketing,  public relations, management and HR teams are right up to date with the latest techniques.  Workshops are built around you.  That means you have the flexibility to choose a time and place that suits your business schedules.  Workshops sizes are from six people to sixteen.  As every project is tailored, fees vary, yet always remain highly competitive.


Professional sales workshops cover business-winning essentials including:

  • The psychology of prospecting.
  • Influencing skills.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Motivating skills.
  • Pitching.
  • Delivering persuasive presentations.

Professional marketing workshops cover communication essentials including:

  • Redefining Maslow
  • Online marketing.
  • Content marketing and copywriting.
  • Brand storytelling.
  • Advertising psychology.
  • Psychology consumer  trends.
  • Big Data and marketing.
  • Dealing with creative suppliers.
  • Disruptive marketing.
  • Community marketing.
  • Marketing videos.

Professional public relations workshops cover media-enhancing essentials including:

  • Crisis management.
  • Reputation building.
  • The PR communications kit.
  • Media training.
  • Corporate global communications.

Professional management and HR workshops cover essential leadership skills including:

  • Public leadership skills
  • CEO coping mechanisms.
  • Boardroom psychology.
  • Team psychology
  • Employee branding.
Jonathan Gabay Keynotes

Brand Psychology Keynotes

Brand Psychology keynotes are delivered globally.  Typical audience sizes are between 200-2000 people. Talks feature up to the minute case studies, are highly insightful, motivating and invariably witty.

Keynote topics are tailored to your requirements.  Typical subjects including:

  • Big Data
  • Communications psychology
  • The empathetic brand.
  • Creative advertising.
  • The sales mind.
  • Brand psychology.
  • Employee psychology.
  • Insights behind current global business headlines.
  • Dealing with a media crisis.
  • Reputation management.
  • The funny side of advertising.
  • Political marketing.
  • Neuromarketing.


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