Jonathan Gabay Author Brand Psychology

Jonathan Gabay 

Jonathan Gabay is one of Europe’s leading and most experienced independent brand consultants

      Trusted by global   news organisations

      Trusted by global news organisations

His books are featured in universities throughout the world.

His copywriting has won awards.

His advice is not only sought by exceptional commercial organisations, but is also regularly featured throughout the global media including: BBC, Sky, Bloomberg, CNN and many other trusted news organisations. 

For Jonathan, brand psychology is something that is far from just skin-deep.  It involves all aspects of the consumer/supplier relationship that creates the total brand experience.  This embraces employees, channel partners, promotions, sales and service. 

Throughout ‘Brand Psychology’ you’ll find case studies, practical insights and sound academic theories that will help you build brand reputations noted for the ability to occupy the perfect consumer ‘mind-space’.